Tasmania's Iconoclastic Tourettically-Inspired Virtuoso Guitarist


Greg Kingston's performances are those of a modern virtuoso augmented by the use of toys, gadgets, vocals and home-made instruments. 



 Photo by Lisa Campbell Smith

"Greg Kingston ... perched on his miniature deckchair, is one of the great movers and shakers on the guitar. Placed neatly by his side on stage is a box of junk , the contents of which are used to punctuate his sped up melismatic guitar lines. When he can't face the audience any more, a white towel is produced, which although it hides his face and body, cannot hide the torturous rhythms of the Tasmanian 'Axe' man. (In music circles 'Axe' means guitar or instrument)."  Australia Adlib http://www.abc.net.au/arts/adlib/stories/s861553.htm